Technology for Ecommerce Report 2015

Friday, 17 April 2015

by Econsultancy in association with Neoworks

Neoworks has commissioned this second Technology for Ecommerce Report out of the desire to understand how effectively ecommerce technology is meeting the needs of merchants and their customers. The ecommerce product and service ecosystem has grown over the past 20 years symbiotically with the merchants that have embraced pureplay and multichannel ecommerce. The report, based on input from both merchants and suppliers, provides a 360-degree feedback mechanism, highlighting misalignment between client and supplier supposition and areas for improvement in both product and service offerings.

The report last year uncovered some significant mismatches between merchant expectations and perceived product and service performance. Understanding where these gaps are is the first step in the process of closing them, and we hope that this report has helped to provide that insight. This year we can see a higher number of companies replatforming to add new capabilities that enable them to deliver improved customer experience.

Mobile commerce has been a hot topic in the industry for over five years, with sales from mobile and table devices increasing significantly year on year. In the survey responses this year, companies are citing it as the most important function of an ecommerce solution. Sales on tablet and mobile devices represent a significant proportion of digital sales, with major growth of mobile sales in fashion, beauty and home wares.

Integration with other systems remains a challenge, and respondents cite integration as the most significant technology related challenge for their business and the most important factor when selecting a system implementer. Interestingly it is integration with marketing systems such as email, CRM & business intelligence that are most commonly integrated where satisfaction is lowest. Satisfaction levels with ERP and warehouse integrations remain higher, however overall levels of satisfaction are lower across the board this year.

The report includes for the first time a section about insights into technology for ecommerce. This section is based on the results taken from a deep analysis of the survey and raises questions about technology, but also provides a structure for strategic decision-making in 2015.

I hope that you enjoy reading the report, and that it delivers some insights into your own business relationships!

The second annual Technology for Ecommerce Report, published by Econsultancy and sponsored by Neoworks, explores the most important aspects of ecommerce functionality and integration, and how companies rate the performance of their solutions in these areas. The report also looks at spending trends, challenges, and the use of implementers and integrators. 

This research is based on a survey of more than 600 client-side and agency ecommerce business professionals.

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