Technology for ecommerce 2014

Technology for ecommerce report 2014

Econsultancy’s first Technology for Ecommerce report produced in partnership with Neoworks and based on a survey of more than 500 ecommerce professionals, has highlighted significant under-performance across many critical aspects of ecommerce technology.

Neoworks has commissioned the technology for ecommerce report out of the desire to understand how effectively ecommerce technology is meeting the needs of merchants and their customers. The ecommerce product and service ecosystem has grown over the past 20 years symbiotically with the merchants that have embraced pureplay and multichannel ecommerce. The report, based on input from both merchants and suppliers, provides a 360-degree feedback mechanism, highlighting misalignment between client and supplier supposition and areas for improvement in both product and service offerings.

You will read in the report that there are some significant mismatches between merchant expectations and perceived product and service performance. Understanding where these gaps are is the first step in the process of closing them. We hope that exposing these challenges in an open forum will give both merchants and suppliers the information that they need to address them together.

Ecommerce is a vertical market in its own right, and one that presents some unique management, technology and supply chain challenges. Suppliers servicing the ecommerce market must operate within a unique set of cultural expectations and constraints. Speaking as a technologist I can say that the technology challenges are significant and that solutions require both long-term investment by platform vendors and a cadre of knowledgeable technical professionals with an understanding of the business environment.

The potential for both growth and increased efficiency is huge, with the global consumer market increasing rapidly. The report highlights that lack of available budget and resources is the most cited barrier to growth. The financial results on and off the high street are becoming increasingly compelling arguments for investment, and boardrooms are seeing the direct impact of action and inaction on their top and bottom lines.

Whilst this report is informative in its own right, we believe that the real value is in measuring progress over time. Neoworks has already commissioned the Technology for Commerce report with Econsultancy for next year and intend for this to become an annual industry review. As with any such endeavour we aim for continuous improvement and value feedback from both readers and participants.

I hope that you enjoy reading the report, and that it delivers some insights into your own business relationships!