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neoworks product development – hybris commerce platform

The hybris multichannel suite, ranked as a leader by Forrester has received an enormous amount of investment in product development over the past five years. It has been extended to incorporate mobile commerce, customer service and B2B functionality on top of the best breed B2C features that are being continuously enhanced.

hybris, which has been expanding their own product development team by more than 150% over the last 2 years, have enlisted the help of a small number of key technical partners to support them in developing the platform. We are very proud to have been selected as one of these partners and have been working with hybris over the last three years to develop and enhance product features such as promotions and the customer service cockpit as well as their “showcase” demonstration suite.

We have developed a strong partnership with hybris, both technically and commercially, and hybris recently awarded us “Most Innovative Partner 2010 and 2011″ at their partner summit in Munich. We continue to work with the hybris product development team and the fruits of our partnership will continue to consolidate hybris’ leading position in the market!