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  • Econsultancy's first Technology for Ecommerce report produced in partnership with Neoworks and based on a survey of more than 500 ecommerce professionals, has highlighted significant under-performance across many critical aspects of ecommerce technology.

    Posted by Nigel Atkinson
  • By implementing certain steps in your organisation you can overcome the difficulty of creating and implementing actionable insights based on qualitative data. When doing a qualitative analysis one aspect I always have in mind is how to transform the data into a quantitative structure to facilitate interpretation.

    Posted by Maria Morais
  • This article provides 5 tips to help retailers and brands introduce a process that takes advantage of big data enabling it to be used effectively to determine which channel or budget was responsible for generating a particular action. A common mistake is to assume that one single action is necessarily responsible for a sale. Actions such as a click on a display ad or a like in a Facebook page can both be relevant and ultimately perceived as triggers for a sale.

    Posted by Maria Morais
  • Now that 2012 is over and the New Year has begun I have put together some notes on what I think will be significant in Digital Commerce this year. Communities are a fantastic way to cultivate 'superfans' because they allow brands to reward the full range of socially beneficial behaviours, they motivate with progressively difficult levels of achievement, confer meaningful privileges to top contributors and offer multiple paths for brand success.

    Posted by Maria Morais
  • Loyalty is not enough

    Posted: 6/7/2012

    Innovation in e-commerce is a series of articles that will help retailers gain competitive advantage. This is the second part of a two-part series where we are going to discuss the loyalty and brand advocacy through the customer journey. Every brand needs a good story, that is how a strong brand personality is created and with it a value perception among customers. We buy perceived ideals not products, so customers need to be entertained with stories that draw their attention and allow them to continue the conversation with your brand.

    Posted by Maria Morais