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Multichannel Retailing Trends

We are predicting that in 2015 the focus of multichannel improvement will be on people and services, rather than technology and processes. Retailers are asking “how are customers engaging with my...

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Location, Location, Location… Geolocation?

Statistics from the journal Health & Place show it could be better for our health to live by the sea, but this article is not about house hunting with Kirstie and...

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Mobile Web Design and Development Best Practice Guide

Overview Much has been written on mobile strategy and the benefits of having one, but less has been written about the practicalities of defining and structuring that strategy and less still...

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Toys R Us Multichannel Strategy

Toys “R” Us is Britain’s and the world’s leading family leisure, baby care and toy megastore with outlets in the UK and over 1500 stores worldwide in 33 countries The retailer was founded in the UK in 1985 with the opening of 5 stores and it has since grown rapidly In 1996, Toys ”R” Us became the first national retailer to launch an e-commerce solution and two years ago the company launched the fourth version of its popular website, this time underpinned by the hybris B2C Commerce platform

The website reflects Toys”R”Us determination to deliver fun

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